New Tefal 8-in-1 rice cooker!!!


Since I saw this beast of a machine in Makro I knew I had to have one!

Here is the Tefal 8-in-1 rice cooker on their own site.

In Makro this machine was £39.99 excluding VAT, even so it came to about £47 which is a lot less than the £69.99 / £79.99 I’ve seen elsewhere.

I will be doing a review on this as soon as I’ve tested all of its features, which include:

• White rice
• Brown rice
• Quick rice
• Grains
• Slow cooking
• Oatmeal porridge
• Steaming
• Deserts and cakes

That’s right, a rice cooker than can also cook a great Victoria sponge!



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  2. Ha, I’ve never used all the functions on mine because the instructions have too many weird kanji zi can’t read, but I’m looking forward to your experiments^^

    BTW, I was at BIC Camera last week and I saw a $1000 rice cooker! I’ll post about it after I ask the Japanese friend I’m seeing tonight to explain the features to me. For that price, it better make the rice, wash the dishes and give me a foot massage after!

  3. Hi, I just got mine a couple of days ago and am learning to use it. Does anyone have some tips on cooking rice and steaming fish fillets at the same time? Specifically, since there is a simmering phase at the end of the rice cooking cycle in the Tefal 8-in-1 cooker (14 mins for white rice), I don’t know when to add the steaming basket with the fish – will the steam from the simmering phase be enough to cook the fish, or should I put the steaming basket much earlier, while there’s still sufficient water in the bowl? Any thoughts / tips from your experience would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    • Hello,
      Sadly I haven’t used the rice cooker to steam fish before.

      The recipe book says for salmon it should take between 20 to 25 minutes of steaming. So if possible to judge the time you could pop the salmon in 20 minutes before the rice is done?

      I’ll try and scout more answers and I’m sorry I can’t be of more help!

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