New bento tumbler…ish


Today while out shopping I found this in a shop called B’NM, it sells a lot of cheap stuff, this is called a “salad-2-go” but I think we all know what I’ll be using it for.

The great thing about this is there is a fork that can be attached to the actual tumbler for easy carrying, not only that it also has a little white sauce container, a shown, which simply pops into a recess in the lid. The lid itself feels very sturdy and takes some effort to take off so I don’t imagine there is much call for concern about it spilling in your bag.
The only issue I have with this is it is a mighty 800ml, even as a guy that’s a lot of food for me, a 400ml box normally fills me up.

I may have to just stuff it with lettuce leaves to take up some spare room.



  1. Congregated waffles – early here and the coffee hasn’t kicked in and I’m too lazy to go find the link – did a bento in one of these too. Linky on my blog if you’re interested. Genius! You can also do a big salad in here. You can marinate your veggies in the dressing if you put them on the bottom (I know you have a sauce cup – that’d hold mini chocolate chips for dessert, just sayin’!), then the greens go on top, then everything gets tossed together when you shake the jar or upend it onto a plate. Neato!

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