About me

I realised I hadn’t done an about me yet so I thought I’d better do one now 🙂

So I am just an average guy called Keith who was born in Hull, England in 1990. I now live in an awesome two story flat with my boyfriend, Meeko ( He apparently chose this alias because it’s the name of a monkey :/ ) and our family of pets 🙂

I love, and have always loved, Japanese culture. I don’t know where or why it started but as far as I can remember I have always been fascinated with the culture, the food, music and the fashions created on the streets as opposed to being controlled by the designers.

My favourite hobbies are making bento lunches, kimono and kanzashi. Designing Japanese inspired clothing and dying my hair in all kinds of crazy ways, inspired by Visual Kei bands.

I want to turn my huge bento obsession into a small mobile catering business selling delicious and healthy lunches in the UK.

Here is my Facebook
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