Huge bento picnic!!!


Today me, my partner, our friend and my younger cousin went for a day out to the park and I thought it would be a good (although very hard!) idea to make a bento lunch for all of us. It took me about 2 hours to make including preparing and putting together,
I kind of cheated by making all the bento with the same ingredients.

We had sweet chilli and mayo chicken with mixed vegetables, hot dog octopi,
Pea rice, hard boiled and shaped eggs.

For desert we had usagi ringo ( apple rabbits).

It was extremely hard but well worth it,
There is nothing more rewarding hearing that people enjoy the lunch you have prepared!



    • Thankyou! They’re surprisingly easy,

      You just cut the apple into 6ths or 8ths depending on the size, take a wedge of apple and cut a shallow V in the skin of the apple. Peel the points of the V but not all the way. Try to get the points to turn up slightly to make ears. Peel the remaining skin from the apple and you now have rabbits 🙂

      That was a really bad description maybe I should make a video haha

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