How to: perfect rice for one!

Fed up of making soggy, mushy rice?
Not sure why but my rice never used to go well, it was always watery and mushy.
So I started using boil in the bag rice, which is great but are comparibly more expensive compared to standard bags of rice. I even invested in a rice cooker.. Which was ok other than it always burnt the rice while leaving the top layer mushy.
After looking at the bags used in boil in the bag rice I wondered how I could emulate the cooking effect using other means.
I finally worked it out. A sieve!
Fill a pan full of water and bring to the boil, put the required amount of rice in a sieve and “polish” the rice: this means run it under water and whisk with your hands to get rid of the starch. Once the water runs clear put the sieve into the pan, make sure the water covers the rice!
Stir every so often and once cooked simply remove the sieve, empty the water from the pan and then leave the sieve and rice in the pan for 5 minutes to drain excess water! Simple!



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